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2013, Year of the Snake


“2013 Year of the Snake”
Graphite and digital painting, 35.6 cm × 43.2 cm (14 ″ × 17 ″), 2013
Quetzalcoatl, Ouroboros, Caduceus and the Garden of Eden serpent.

New York Times illustration

I was honoured to be commissioned by The New York Times for an illustration, published in today’s Sunday Business section. Many thanks to art director Minh.



A recently completed coloured version of “Meteorites (Noah’s Ark)”.

Spectrum Brace: Antoine Revoy in Spectrum 19

Antoine Revoy's Halloween-themed illustration, "Trick"

One of my illustrations was selected by Spectrum for the second consecutive year for inclusion in their annual Spectrum 19: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, the authoritative publication in the field of science fiction and fantasy art. The chosen image was the Halloween-themed illustration “Trick”.

Illustration for Samsonite

I have recently created an illustration for Samsonite, a large scale image representing Manhattan for print on hardside luggage. A rush job, most of the line art was executed in a single 16 hour session of drawing.

King of the ILL

King of the ILL 2011

King of the ILL is a character design tournament in which tag teams designed by students from the Montserrat College of Art face each other in a juried competition. The 2011 edition, organised by Kelly Murphy and I, is judged by an all star jury of artists and designers, Ann Smith, Cutter Hutton, Paolo Rivera, Scott Campbell (“Scott C.”) and Willie Real.

The Enchanted Letterpress

I have recently created an illustration depicting an enchanted letterpress workshop, where the presses and power tools come to life at night. While the full illustration can be viewed here on my portfolio, I thought I would reveal some close ups of details that I enjoyed devising for this piece.

I took the opportunity to subtly insert a number of favourite covers, writers or subjects on the dancing sheets of paper which are shot out of the enchanted presses: Euclid’s Elements, Edgar Allan Poe, Sherlock Holmes, the Book of Changes, Titanic newspaper announcement.

Adolphe Mouron Cassandre’s legendary poster L’Atlantique, Méliès’ Le Voyage dans la Lune.

Scattered pages of Euclid’s Elements, Da Vinci drawings and imaginary anatomical illustrations.

A special guest, the studio cat.

American Landscape

An illustration created for the Montserrat College of Art‘s Illustration Department theme show exhibited at the 301 Gallery from February 14 to February 25, 2011. An artist reception and awards ceremony is held Thursday February 17th (6:30PM – 8PM).

Close up of the pencil drawing foundation:

Meteorites (Noah’s Ark)

I am currently working on an illustration representing animals fleeing meteorites aboard a flying equivalent of Noah’s Ark. Below are some early stages of the process, prior to the colour finish:

Meteorites (Noah's Ark) pencil drawing

Ink drawing below:

Meteorites (Noah's Ark) ink drawing

Pen and ink details:

Meteorites (Noah's Ark) ink detail
Meteorites (Noah's Ark) ink detail

New illustration for Plan Adviser

Micro Giants

I was commissioned by PLAN ADVISER‘s art director SooJin Buzelli to create an illustration for the “microscope” feature of their November – December 2010 Issue. I chose to limn blossoming city-flowers to illustrate the article “Micro Giants”, which investigates the new frontier in the small- to micro-plan market.

The illustration is a pencil drawing which I digitally coloured:

Micro Giants pencil drawing