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Victo Ngai Presentation at RISD

My RISD Introduction to Illustration class and I had the honour of receiving the visit of Victo Ngai, whose talent is rivaled only by her work ethic. Victo’s presentation was remarkably eloquent and insightful, prompting words of appreciation from the students every single week till the end of the term.


Above illustration © copyright Victo Ngai. All Rights Reserved.


Antoine Revoy in Fantasy + 4, World’s Most Imaginative Artworks

Kelly and I are interviewed and featured in Chinese publisher CYPI Press‘ new book Fantasy + 4, World’s Most Imaginative Artworks.

2013, Year of the Snake


“2013 Year of the Snake”
Graphite and digital painting, 35.6 cm × 43.2 cm (14 ″ × 17 ″), 2013
Quetzalcoatl, Ouroboros, Caduceus and the Garden of Eden serpent.